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ROCC 89 Octane Coffee (Light-Medium Roast)

ROCC 89 Octane Coffee (Light-Medium Roast)

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Introducing our Colombia Single Origin—a coffee lover's dream! This 12oz pack offers a light-medium roast, giving you a mellow yet savory experience with a hint of sweetness and a crisp acidity. Dive into flavor notes of cooked honeydew and cocoa straight from the heart of South America. Whether you prefer pour-over or Aeropress, this blend will effortlessly become part of your daily routine.


- Size: 12oz (340g)

- Mellow, savory, crisp acidity, subtle sweetness - Citrus and melon tasting notes

- Growing region: South America

- Whole bean or ground options available

- Roasted in the United States

***This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada***

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